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Let’s reinvent the way creators live and work, long term!

We are here to spark a creative revolution! Canvas started simply to change how creators interact with their work, their audience and their monetization, however, Canvas has grown to allow us to look at our futures in a different way.


Canvas is completely creator centric

In a time where creativity has kept us sane, Canvas is an innovative platform that is built on a single core value of protecting the interests of the creative individual.It is the ultimate space for creators to synchronize their offline lives with their virtual personas. Our vision, or as we like to call it, our Value Stack is built on providing the creator and consumer tools of learning, creation, protection, packaging, distribution, engagement and most importantly monetization.

Canvas is built on modularity

To ensure that creators retain complete creative control while enhancing audience experiences, Canvas is designed with tools of creation, monetization and community.The creator requires absolutely no technical skills.


One virtual space for a creator

Currently, the creator is disembodied. They create in one space, store the content in another, import it into several discovery platforms and then struggle to consolidate their followers. This makes monetization very difficult. In Canvas, the creator creates, packages, distributes and earns from the very same space. Think of it as Google Drive + Patreon + Kickstarter + YouTube and more all in one Canvas.

More ways to earn a living being a creator!

In the current ecosystem, creators need to really put themselves out there to attain recognition and respect. Canvas changes that funnel system. Instead of waiting to be discovered to be able to monetize, creators can monetize their creations immediately, before being discovered by a wider audience. We provide you with all the possible tools you need to get started immediately, making this a potential game changer in the creative tech industry.

We make money only when you do

Our pricing structure is transparent and fair keeping our creator’s interests in mind!


$ 0 per month
✓ Unlimited Canvases and Subcanvases
✓ No monthly fee
✓ Upload a file upto 25MB
✓ Supporter management
✓ Messaging coming soon
8% Platform fee (Including payment processing)

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$ 8 per month for 1000 supporters
✓ Unlimited Canvases and Subcanvases
✓ Upload a file upto 200MB
✓ Custom Domain
✓ Team coming soon
4% Transaction fee (Including payment processing)

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Custom Pricing
✓ Back-end integration with your domain/website
✓ Free migrations
✓ Dedicated success managers
✓ 24/7 Support

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Who are we?

Vignesh Ramaswamy
Founder & CEO
An engineer turned media explorer since 2010. He started Penumbra, a magazine with 1000+ writers across 92 colleges all over India. In 2018, he built Tartl, a tool that helps writers monetize which grew to a community of 6000+ people who used it to sustain their careers. In 2020, he realised that the internet for creators is completely disembodied and created Canvas, with the objective of helping creators create and monetize instantly.
Madhan Karky
Co-Founder & CCO
One of the biggest names in the Indian film industry. A serial entrepreneur with a doctorate in Computer Science and a renowned lyricist. He brings in the apt exposure and community to take Canvas to the next scale.
Tech Head
Co-Founder of Perfomatix Solutions, a tech enthusiast, influencer and the face behind the popular YouTube channel, We Are A Sambavam. He brings the best of both worlds to Canvas.
Jayanth Narayanan
Professor at NUS. A believer of our ideas since Tartl. He blends his academic and business expertise to drive innovation in our marketing strategies.
Suriyanarayanan P S
CFO of Aujas Networks. The first investor who beileved in our previous venture, Tartl & has been backing us with the best financial advice and growth hacks
Kunal Sood
An impact entrepreneur, disruptive innovator and curator of the future he understand that effective communication, management experience, along with the ability to mobilize human and financial resources all play their part in life work. He is guiding us to make the impossible possible.
Deepak Ravindran
Co-founded three mobile messaging companies in a decade — Innoz, the world's largest offline search engine; Quest, a mobile knowledge messaging platform backed by 500 Startups; and most recently Lookup(acquired). He is the catalyst who will help us with funds and growth in the US and India.